Peptide Mass Calculator

It is often important to know the molecular weight of a peptide or protein sequence. This program will take a protein sequence and calculate the molecular weight. The program will ignore numbers, spaces or characters like U or X which do not correspond to one of the amino acids from the table below.

Amino Acid 3-Letter Code 1-Letter Code
Alanine Ala A
Cysteine Cys C
Aspartate Asp D
Glutamate Glu E
Phenylalanine Phe F
Glycine Gly G
Histidine His H
Isoleucine Ile I
Lysine Lys K
Lysine Lys K
Leucine Leu L
Methionine Met M

Amino Acid 3-Letter Code 1-Letter Code
Asparagine Asn N
Proline Pro P
Glutamine Gln Q
Arginine Arg R
Serine Ser S
Threonine The T
Valine Val V
Tryptophan Trp W
Tyrosine Tyr Y
Asaragine Asx B
Glutamine Glx Z

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